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Dr. Surendra Kumar Rai is a renowned professor and academician. From a young age, Dr. Rai knew he was going to be an educator, and it was a decision he never regretted, even though life was full of obstacles. For Dr. Surendra Kumar Rai, there is nothing better than the curiosity and enthusiasm that each new year of students brings to their studies.

                                   He has been a member of prestigious academic societies and organizations like the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. He has been the guide for Ph.D. students to obtain their Ph.D. degrees. His articles and research papers have been published in esteemed journals and magazines in India. He has helped underrepresented students and communities by not charging fees for most of their research work. 

As an enthusiastic and devoted Professor, he saw no better purpose in life than passing on their love of learning to their own students. Dr. Surendra Kumar Rai is known for his inspiring research and body of scholarly work.

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